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Little League Pins

Beautiful solid metal trading pins in the finish of your choice

Trading pins have been a treasured part of Little League tournaments for decades. From the time Little League Baseball introduced its first official pins in 1983 to today, pin trading has grown exponentially each year. It’s easy to understand why. Trading pins introduce even more fun to the game, and give players, parents, officials, coaches and spectators opportunities to make new friends from around the world.

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Why Little League Trading Pins?

Because you have a great team, and you want to show off their competitive spirit and love of the game! A well-designed pin shows the world what your team is all about. Our expert artists will help you create a design that will boost your players’ team spirit and show other teams your competitiveness and talent!

Options Add Trading Power to your Little League Pins

When the trading starts, you want your pins to be the ones everyone else wants to trade for. We offer options to give your team’s pins grand slam trading power! Glitter enamel adds sparkle and impact to your pins at an economical price. Want more? Add blinking LEDs to really catch the eyes of traders. Or add spinners, sliders, danglers or bobble heads to add that extra bit of motion and fun. We can help you create the perfect trading pins for your team!

Softball Pin Samples

Little League Pin Pricing

All Pricing includes free artwork, free USA shipping and No setup fees.
1.25" $2.71$2.24$1.55$1.07$0.97$0.86$0.84$0.75$0.68$0.66
1.5" $2.90$2.43$1.75$1.31$1.24$1.05$0.98$0.92$0.85$0.83
1.75" $3.05$2.73$2.13$1.62$1.55$1.31$1.16$1.13$1.05$1.02
2" $3.44$2.86$2.36$1.84$1.71$1.51$1.43$1.36$1.27$1.24
2.25" $4.82$3.61$3.05$2.40$2.22$2.15$1.89$1.86$1.83$1.81
2.5" $5.47$4.01$3.69$3.05$2.86$2.79$2.53$2.51$2.47$2.45
2.75" $6.12$4.70$4.19$3.54$3.35$3.27$3.00$2.98$2.95$2.92
3" $6.77$5.39$4.69$4.03$3.83$3.74$3.46$3.44$3.42$3.39

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